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Welcome to the SparkFun Systems Administrator employment application.

 * SparkFun Systems Administrator
 * SparkFun Electronics is hiring a sysadmin!  Check out our website,
 *, to get an idea of who we are / what we do.  More below...
 * About the company:
 * - We're a small/medium company that's very young (only 7.7 years old) and
 *   growing very fast.
 * - Despite our growth we remain relaxed and fun.
 * - We throw lots of parties, have dogs on staff, and our break room has a
 *   tweeting keggerator.
 * - This place is like an invention shop.  Curious new toys are being built
 *   all the time.
 * - We like to host unique events like our annual Autonomous Vehicle
 *   Competition or this fall's Antimov: a competition for robots with
 *   extravagant self-destruct mechanisms.
 * About the position:
 * - You'll gradually assume major responsibilities for our internal network,
 *   email, backups, and production server environment under the guidance of
 *   the Senior IT Operations Administrator.
 * - You'll be challenged to come up with creative solutions to difficult
 *   problems (as well as propose new hardware options) as our infrastructure
 *   continues to scale.
 * - You'll work along side an established Windows system administrator (who
 *   takes care of end user workstations) and the developer core to keep
 *   everything running stable.
 * - Work environment is definitely not soul-crushing, unlike many corporate
 *   shops that pay the big bucks.
 * - Benefits:
 *   + HSA/FSA health plan
 *   + 401k matching up to 4%
 *   + Eco pass
 *   + 2 weeks paid vacation to start, 3 weeks after 1 full year of employment
 *   + Yearly continuing education/professional development fund
 * Skills you have that will make me want to hire you:
 * - Very proficient in a Linux environment (5+ years experience)
 *   + Long-term experience with the Debian ecosystem a major plus
 *   + Knowledge of other Unix-like environments a plus
 * - Experience with Cisco networking/routing
 * - Proficient at virtualization
 * - Experience administering email systems (LDAP, Postfix, Dovecot)
 * - Experience administering the LAMP stack at volume
 * - Experience implementing/managing office backup solutions
 * - Experience implementing/managing Asterisk-based telephone systems (not
 *   required but a plus)


1. Fork this repository.
2. Look at the README in all four directories and follow the instructions.
3. Send details on where to find your hosted repo to

If you aren't comfortable applying in public, you're welcome to require
authentication, host as a private repository on GitHub, or otherwise obscure
your repo.

Should you choose to keep you repo private you may add us as collaborators.  
Please add all of the following email addresses:  
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