A statistics extension for Google Refine.
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A extension for OpenRefine to compute elementary statistics on a column data.


Run OpenRefine. On the starting page click the “Browse workspace directory” link in the lower left corner. Make a folder called “extensions” (if it doesn’t exist) within the the window that pops up. Copy the refine-stats folder into the extensions folder. The final path should be something like (it may vary depending on the OS):


Restart OpenRefine.

(Alternatively, you copy the stats folder into the extensions folder of your OpenRefine installation, but it may be lost during upgrades.)


Select “Column statistics” from the drop-down menu of any column header. Statistics will be calculated based on filtered rows, so you can facet your dataset in different ways and calculate statistics for each subset.

Build it yourself

If you modify this extension, copy it to extensions folder of OpenRefine installation folder and build it using ./refine build


refine-stats is a Newsapps project. Development by Joe Germuska and Christopher Groskopf.

Mateja Verlič updated it to use newer version of “Apache Commons Math” library and made it work in OpenRefine 2.6 (previously known as Google Refine).



Note: refine-stats includes the Apache Commons Math library, which is licensed under the Apache Software License. A copy of this license can be found in /stats/module/MOD-INF/lib/.