@pornel pornel released this Dec 4, 2016 · 176 commits to master since this release

Same as 1.15.0, except a build bugfix:

  • A new icon! Thanks to 1024jp
  • Show alert when an update is sent over insecure HTTP with no DSA key (Zorg)
    • If you can't use HTTPS, you must at least sign updates with a DSA key.
  • Improved binary delta implementation (Zorg)
  • Added improved -validateMenuItem: as a method in SUUpdater.h for public use (Zorg)
  • Removed reachability preflight check (Zorg)
  • Clear update caches directory before downloading new update (Zorg)
  • Check the bundle's parent directory for writability too (Zorg)
  • Don't follow symbolic links for file operations (Zorg)
  • Don't bring up an authorized dialog during cleanup (Zorg)
  • Made Sparkle look for the highest compatible version regardless of timestamps (Zorg)
  • Fixed compatibility with 10.7
    • Fixed crash on 10.7 - subscript operator not available (kleuter)
    • Fixed warnings caused by -Wpartial-availability (Zorg)
  • Fixed german l10n. (Sebastian Volland)
  • Error code for download errors (Kornel Lesiński)
  • Update last update check date when the update driver finishes (Zorg)
  • Scale app icon up if needed in Software Update window (Nicholas Riley)
  • Don't register for termination notifications more than once (Zorg)
  • Don't terminate the app if we're already terminating (Zorg)
  • Removed SUEnableAutomaticChecksKeyOld and SUCheckAtStartup constants (Eitot)
  • Updated Sparkle framework headers to use modules if modules are available (B. Kevin Hardman)
  • Fixed warnings, fixed uses of SULocalizedString (Jerry Krinock)

OS X 10.7 or later required

Make sure you add <sparkle:minimumSystemVersion>10.7</sparkle:minimumSystemVersion> tag to <item>s in your appcast. Sparkle will crash on Snow Leopard.

HTTPS required

OS X 10.11 has deprecated insecure HTTP. Please use HTTPS for updates.