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1.5.0 / 2022-09-08

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@flavorjones flavorjones released this 08 Sep 04:47
· 57 commits to master since this release

1.5.0 / 2022-09-08


Faster, more reliable installation

Native (precompiled) gems are available for Ruby 2.6, 2.7, 3.0, and 3.1 on all these platforms:

  • aarch64-linux
  • arm-linux
  • arm64-darwin
  • x64-mingw32 and x64-mingw-ucrt
  • x86-linux
  • x86_64-darwin
  • x86_64-linux

If you are using one of these Ruby versions on one of these platforms, the native gem is the recommended way to install sqlite3-ruby.

See the README for more information.

More consistent developer experience

Both the native (precompiled) gems and the vanilla "ruby platform" (source) gem include sqlite v3.39.3 by default.

Defaulting to a consistent version of sqlite across all systems means that your development environment behaves exactly like your production environment, and you have access to the latest and greatest features of sqlite.

You can opt-out of the packaged version of sqlite (and use your system-installed library as in versions < 1.5.0). See the README for more information.

Release notes for this version of sqlite

Rubies and Platforms

  • TruffleRuby is supported.
  • Apple Silicon is supported (M1, arm64-darwin).
  • vcpkg system libraries supported. [#332] (Thanks, @MSP-Greg!)


  • SQLite3::SQLITE_LOADED_VERSION contains the version string of the sqlite3 library that is dynamically loaded (compare to SQLite3::SQLITE_VERSION which is the version at compile-time).


  • SQLite3::Database#load_extensions now raises a TypeError unless a String is passed as the file path. Previously it was possible to pass a non-string and cause a segfault. [#339]

sha256 checksums:

075f634aefaf00bcec3186ac01527315df8de4c7b67636aee286d3878413ca1b  sqlite3-1.5.0-aarch64-linux.gem
07803d427d839badacd9eae0b3f91496b730dc91731b86b8a29a140d40e7c7db  sqlite3-1.5.0-arm-linux.gem
a0c849dcbf7496e521a6de8ff0f47a30ce9d3403ce85f483705a7fd8a88b52ef  sqlite3-1.5.0-arm64-darwin.gem
58cc3f1a933a7392e07d8f3f8deb09b0fe884a6ee7b292b62d13ead1bd2eb1c5  sqlite3-1.5.0-x64-mingw-ucrt.gem
975abf40f39f4277ce695a9ecdaa155f47c704ffe9f96c30a5fed13b7dbe655f  sqlite3-1.5.0-x64-mingw32.gem
11a9a51e2cd2dafecbaef2d95e2e22a0fc77bcf3b00826367ae41d69573d60ab  sqlite3-1.5.0-x86-linux.gem
e89b9f958f5ac658de66f5e654dab898b8bcc53c5a0f11b58eed9ce6baea433f  sqlite3-1.5.0-x86_64-darwin.gem
cd996d8fe08244b9bcc81f217eb67171cb6df26d6c5cff2bfdade09248e1842b  sqlite3-1.5.0-x86_64-linux.gem
8eeb6dab3c7ff6b1aa88f8a4a3879b33048c74b309077dba67fa71b72352048a  sqlite3-1.5.0.gem