A web UI to asses the quality of SKOS and SKOS-XL files. Frontend for qSKOS.
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SKOS Testing Tool

The SKOS testing tool is live at http://labs.sparna.fr/skos-testing-tool

The SKOS testing tool is a web frontend for qSKOS. It allows to assess the quality of SKOS or SKOS-XL vocabularies, by submitting a file to be validated or by validating a SKOS file published at a given URL.

Linking directly to a report from a SKOS file URL

Contribution guidelines

  • If you spot a problem or need a specific feature, please file an issue.

Who are you ?

  • qSKOS is developped by Christian Mader.
  • The SKOS testing tool is developped by Sparna.


A similar service (although not as cool as this one :-) ) is operated by PoolParty.