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@craigraw craigraw released this 09 Dec 11:45
· 850 commits to master since this release
  • Create two person coinjoin transactions using Samourai Soroban (Stonewallx2)
  • Pay to PayNym via payjoin using Samourai Soroban (Stowaway)
  • Create and claim a PayNym for a P2WPKH software wallet, and follow other PayNyms
  • Update UTXOs tab UI to show UTXO balance and count next to smaller UTXO chart
  • Remember recent servers for quick reconfiguration via dropdown in the server preferences
  • Trigger a full wallet refresh when all the transaction history has changed on loading (e.g. on incorrect passphrase entry)
  • Show wallet output descriptors with multipath indexes as per bitcoin/bitcoin#22838
  • Improve QR scanning using a double pass, the second pass cropped to an indicated box onscreen
  • Allow for a minimum application height of 708px
  • Add button in password field to view password in cleartext
  • Change default minimum mixes to 3 when mixing out
  • Check if wallet is mixing and restart Whirlpool client if necessary
  • Add keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W) to log Whirlpool debug information
  • Force saving a temporary backup if refreshed wallet transactions are fewer after loading
  • Improve UX when validating transaction locktime datetime field
  • Add static minimum fee rates provider of 1 sat/vB for all block targets
  • Show transaction or PSBT as QR from File menu
  • Support Taproot tr() script expressions in UR:crypto-output
  • Show script type description when importing a wallet
  • Show UTXO sets in transaction diagram
  • Make transaction diagram tooltips show indefinitely
  • Indicate which accounts are scanned for discovery
  • Remember and select previously selected tab when closing a tab
  • Show message when no new accounts are discovered
  • Allow configuration of a maximum server timeout maxServerTimeout
  • Implement batch paging and allow page size configuration with batchPageSize
  • Change Windows and Linux installers to use Sparrow menu group
  • Set default fingerprint on watch only wallets
  • Improve passphrase toggle UX of Bitbox 02 and Trezor T
  • Add a public testnet Electrum server
  • Upgrade to JavaFX 17
  • Upgrade OSX and Linux libsecp256k1 libraries
  • Upgrade Hummingbird UR library with revised crypto-account format (non-breaking change)
  • Upgrade database to H2 2.0.202
  • Bug fix: Fix import of encrypted Sparrow JSON wallets on Linux
  • Bug fix: Improve efficiency of fade out animations, especially on Linux
  • Bug fix: Fix mix to wallet display name
  • Bug fix: Output HWI enumeration and signing errors to log
  • Bug fix: Fix version update hyperlink appearing multiple times
  • Bug fix: Fix textfield combobox repeat selection
  • Bug fix: Show only unspent amount in status bar when refreshing postmix wallets
  • Bug fix: Show full wallet name on mix to button
  • Bug fix: Allow zero length paths when parsing PSBT key derivations