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Evan Phoenix <>
- 'evan' on irc
- Mastermind
- VM Creator
Wilson Bilkovich <>
- 'defiler' on irc
- Compiler Admiral
- misc grindings on internal combustion parts (the engine still explodes)
Brian Ford <>
- 'brixen' on irc
- Spec/Testing General
- writes lots of specs
Matthew Elder <>
- 'mae' on irc
- progress verification (classes/methods) bin/compare.rb
- wants to improve specs when rubinius is more mature
- primitives.rb cleanup with GUARD and POP macros
Frédérick Ros <>
- '_sleeper_' on irc
- architecture agnostic compiled files fan
- C warnings hunter
Eero Saynatkari <>
- 'rue' on irc
- Miscellaneous codings
- 64-bit and *BSD support
- Newsletterist
Kevin Clark <>
- 'kevinclark' on irc
- subtend work
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