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SPDX is an open standard for communicating SBOM information, including provenance, license, security, and other related information. ISO/IEC 5962:2021


  1. spdx-3-model spdx-3-model Public

    48 41

  2. spdx-spec spdx-spec Public

    The SPDX specification in MarkDown and HTML formats.

    HTML 256 127

  3. tools-python tools-python Public

    A Python library to parse, validate and create SPDX documents.

    Python 157 171

  4. license-list-XML license-list-XML Public

    This is the repository for the master files that comprise the SPDX License List

    Makefile 314 255

  5. tools-java tools-java Public

    SPDX Command Line Tools using the Spdx-Java-Library

    Java 49 29

  6. tools-golang tools-golang Public

    Collection of Go packages to work with SPDX files

    Go 104 55


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