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SPDX is an open standard for communicating SBOM information, including provenance, license, security, and other related information. ISO/IEC 5962:2021


  1. The SPDX specification in MarkDown and HTML formats.

    HTML 117 85

  2. A Python library to parse, validate and create SPDX documents.

    Python 59 77

  3. This is the repository for the master files that comprise the SPDX License List

    Makefile 147 164

  4. SPDX Command Line Tools using the Spdx-Java-Library

    Java 9 9

  5. Various data formats for the SPDX License List including RDFa, HTML, Text, and JSON

    HTML 224 100

  6. Collection of Go packages to work with SPDX files

    Go 26 20