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Version 0.0.1


SpeckCommerce is an open source e-commerce platform written on Zend Framework 2. The most notable feature of SpeckCommerce is the incredibly flexible modular design. The SpeckCommerce project was started by companies and developers who were unsatisfied with the overall quality of the existing open source e-commerce platforms written in PHP. Leveraging our collective e-commerce knowledge and years of experience building and working with e-commerce platforms, we're developing what we hope to be the fastest, most flexible, and well-built e-commerce platform built in PHP.

A secondary goal of SpeckCommerce is to be an exemplary model of the powerful new module system in Zend Framework 2.


The dependencies for SpeckCommerce are set up as Git submodules so you should not have to mess with dependencies.


If you've contributed and we haven't updated the list, please feel free to submit a pull request adding your name here!

Why Zend Framework 2?

Simple: The ZF2 module system is awesome and provides the perfect foundation for a project with goals such as ours.


  • Run git clone https://github.com/speckcommerce/speck.git and set up a vhost pointing to the public directory.
  • Install with Composer -- http://getcomposer.org
    • cd speck && ../composer.phar install
  • Launch the app from the browser, you will be propted for db info/etc


Join us on the Freenode IRC network: #speckcommerce. Our numbers are few right now, but we're a dedicated small group working on this project full time.