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Spectre is a Secure Proof-of-Stake (PoSv3) Network with Anonymous Transaction Capability.

Spectre utilizes a range of proven cryptographic techniques to achieve un-linkable, un-traceable and anonymous transactions on its underlaying blockchain and also protects the users identity by running all the network nodes as Tor hidden services.


Key Privacy Technology

Anonymous token creation: Through the use of dual key stealth technology Spectre provides the ability to generate ‘anonymous tokens’ (SPECTRE) by consuming XSPEC. SPECTRE can then be sent anonymously through an implementation of ring signatures based on the Cryptonote protocol to eliminate any transaction history. The wallet offers the opportunity to transfer your balance between public coins, XSPEC, and ‘anonymous tokens’, SPECTRE. We are currently working on improving this technology to improve functionality and privacy.

Built in Tor: The Spectre software offers a full integration of Tor (https://www.torproject.org/) so that the Spectre client runs as a Tor hidden service using a .onion address to connect to other clients in the network. Your real IP address is therefore protected at all times.

Basic Coin Specs

Block Time60 Seconds
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
Initial Coin Supply20,000,000 XSPEC
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase)5% annual inflation

Building from source

NOTE that these instructions are relevant for building from master, which is the latest code in development. It is generally stable but can contain features that have had less testing than released versions. If you want to build a stable version of Spectre, please check out the latest release tag (v1.3.5) before you start building.


We do not currently provide Linux binary packages. To build the SpectreCoin wallet from source, you will need the following dependencies:

  • OpenSSL 1.1
  • libevent
  • libseccomp
  • libcap
  • boost
  • Qt 5 if you want to build the GUI wallet. Qt is not needed for the console wallet.

Additionally, you'll need a C/C++ compiler and the basic dependencies needed for any kind of development. On most Linux distributions there is a metapackage that installs these. On macOS this means you will need Xcode and the Command Line Tools.


To compile for windows we have a new docs for that. Head to https://github.com/spectrecoin/spectre/blob/master/doc/Windows-build-instructions-README.md

To build a GUI wallet for All platforms (Ignore if you just want to build a CLI/Non GUI version of the wallet):

If you are trying to compile the GUI wallet. Install Qt from https://www.qt.io/download-qt-installer and write down the installation path to use in the below ./configure command. Make sure to pick QtWebEngine as well when installing Qt

To check all dependencies and install missing ones on Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/etc:

apt install build-essential libssl-dev libevent-dev libseccomp-dev libcap-dev pkg-config autoconf libtool

To check all dependencies and install missing ones on Arch Linux:

pacman -S --needed base-devel openssl libevent libseccomp libcap boost
pacman -S --needed qt5  # only if building the GUI wallet

To check all dependencies and install missing ones on macOS (this uses the Homebrew package manager; if you use something else then adjust the commands accordingly):

brew install autoconf automake libtool pkg-config openssl@1.1 libevent boost gcc wget
# the following commands are only needed if building the GUI wallet
brew tap KDE-mac/homebrew-kde
brew install qt

Open SSL on Ubuntu and OSX (If you do not have OpenSSL 1.1)

For Ubuntu 16.04 LTS through to 17.10 Open SSL 1.1 isn't available in the repositories and has Version 1.0 installed by default. To install the latest stable version you can build this dependency from source:

wget https://www.openssl.org/source/openssl-1.1.0h.tar.gz
tar xzvf openssl-1.1.0h.tar.gz
cd openssl-1.1.0h
./config -Wl,--enable-new-dtags,-rpath,'$(LIBRPATH)'
sudo make install


To fetch the source code and build the wallet run the following commands:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/spectrecoin/spectre
cd spectre
./install_boost_1_67  # only necessary on Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/etc. If you have installed Boost 1_67 before, you may ignore this command for now
./configure --enable-gui --with-qt5=/path/to/qt/version/compiler  # leave out --enable-gui to build only the console wallet
make -j2  # use a higher number if you have many cores and memory, leave -j2 out if you are on a very low-powered system like Raspberry Pi

The resulting binaries will be in the src directory and called spectre for the GUI wallet and spectrecoind for the console wallet.

Cross-compiling for Windows is supported using MingW64, by passing the appropriate --host parameter to ./configure.