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C++ is a popular and widely used mid-level language. It was designed as an extension of the C language.

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NWU-NISL commented Oct 8, 2020

When I passed NaN and an object with the "valueOf" attribute value as a callable function to the first and second parameters of Math.max, chakra did not execute this function. According to the ES10 standard, the ToNumber operation is performed on each parameter of Math.max, and the "valueOf" attribute value function of the second parameter will be executed.




GordonJess commented Nov 10, 2020

Conan outputs that there has been an error when no compiler is found during auto-detect:

conan profile new default --detect 
Profile created with detected settings: C:\Jenkins\workspace\my_job\.conan\profiles\default
ERROR: Unable to find a working compiler

This happens often because my compiler is not installed on the machine - I am using a build_requires package for my cross-

carlhua commented Jul 13, 2020

Clients that support multiple server connections would like to have a way to decide which server connection is best able to handle a query. Servers currently "sort of" expose their load as fees, but there's no real exposure of server load in a useful way. Some parameter should be added to the "server" publication stream that clients can just compare across servers to decide which is most likely to

mhfreund commented Aug 25, 2017

The Editor is lagging slow and thus unusuable.
Sometimes even crashes occur.
The Problem may be here: (taken from the CEF log, Messages repeated all over again):

[0823/] Error: 5 for Command kPostSubBufferCHROMIUM
[0823/] Exiting GPU process because some drivers cannot recover from problems.

Created by Bjarne Stroustrup

Released October 1985

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