Electrum 1.9.7 online wallet not showing any addresses #558

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I have an offline wallet and an online wallet. I've just fed my public master key into my online wallet but I still don't see any addresses under my receive tab
(Windows 7)
I see it still "synchronizing" but I was expecting it to generate this quickly just as it did on my offline wallet. Why is this taking so long ((more than an hour) and how long can i expect this to show any addresses?


Go to Network (red dot), disable auto-connect, select one server and it should connect (restart the client if not).

Then you can enable auto-connect again.


I don't have a red dot. It's connected. But I also tried that a few times: to disable auto-connect, selecting one server, and clicking Ok, and selecting auto-connect again. No changes.
After more than 18 hours, still "Synchronizing"

Ive just done it again and here is what my console shows (something similar for the other servers I've picked before)
Any idea what's wrong?
What command I could do ?
Thanks rdymac

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Problem resolved - I made a mistake while copying my master public key, missing a digit.

The problem I see is that Electrum is not reporting when there is an error or a mistake - clearly it found an error as it wasn't generating any addresses. If it had, I would have been able to notice they didn't match my other offline wallet.

I suggest implementing an error reporting when not the right amount of digit (or an invalid digit) is in the master public key.

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