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Unable to use ZenCoding.vim #392

chrisnicola opened this Issue Jun 30, 2013 · 8 comments

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I'm at a loss to explain what's happening. I've installed ZenCoding.vim via Vundle, but I can't complete anything. I'm using the default mapping for it but no action. I'm guessing at an incompatibility between plugins. Has anyone else got this to work?

spf13 commented Jun 30, 2013

My .vimrc.bundles.local

let g:spf13_bundle_groups=['general', 'neocomplcache', 'programming', 'ruby', 'javascript', 'html', 'misc']

let g:spf13_no_autochdir = 1
let g:spf13_no_views =1

" Bundles "

Bundle 'jade.vim'
Bundle 'vim-coffee-script'
Bundle 'slim-template/vim-slim'
Bundle 'unimpaired.vim'
Bundle 'othree/javascript-libraries-syntax.vim'
Bundle 'ZenCoding.vim'
emen commented Jul 5, 2013

It works for me too. I know it is obvious, but just want to make sure, the key is "", not solely "". E.g. html:5,

If doesn't work, it might help to set let g:user_zen_leader_key = 'y'.

It is such an essential plugin, would be great to have it by default.

spf13 commented Jul 5, 2013
Gaelan commented Jul 5, 2013
Gaelan commented Jul 6, 2013

@spf13 Any thoughts about mappings? sparkup uses by default which we use for NERDTree.

ttchin commented Jan 15, 2014

Is there a solution right now?
Zen Coding which is now renamed as Emmet still can't work in spf13.

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