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Chef Server Sandbox

This is a simple setup to get a single chef-server + 1 client up and running for doing work/testing locally. The server will nat port 4000 local to the server vm. The repo has a .chef/knife.rb setup to work relative to the repo. The cookbooks that run on server will copy the validation and setup a knife client for usage from withing the repo against the server thats built. The client vm will use the validation pem to register against the server. All of it should clean up when vagrant destroy is ran.


Clone this repo

  git clone git://

Get in that repo

  cd chef-sandbox

Install The Required gems

  bundle install

Vagrant UP!

 bundle exec vagrant up 

This should provision your server and a single client.


You can add more clients to the Vagrant file as-needed.

Rebuild a client

 vagrant destroy client1

This will destroy the client vm and remove the client key and node from the chef server

Next Steps

I started this project cause I wanted to be able to test multi-vm setups in jenkins, and as time permits I will continue to push updates.