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This object creates a decal geometry, intersecting a cube against a THREE.Geometry. Based on this article How to project decals. It interesects a cube against an arbitrary geometry and clips vertex coordinates and normals.


Demo is here: Decal Splatter.

How to use

Include the library:

<script src="THREE.DecalGeometry.js" ></script>

Instantiate a geometry passing:

var decalGeometry = new THREE.DecalGeometry(  
    meshToIntersect, // it has to be a THREE.Mesh
    position, // THREE.Vector3 in world coordinates  
    direction, // THREE.Vector3 specifying the orientation of the decal  
    dimensions, // THREE.Vector3 specifying the size of the decal box  
    check // THREE.Vector3 specifying what sides to clip (1-clip, 0-noclip)  

and create a mesh using that geometry, as usual:

var mesh = new THREE.Mesh( decalGeometry, decalMaterial );

The decal material can be any material, just make sure to have this attributes enabled:

var decalMaterial = new THREE.MeshNormalMaterial( {  
    transparent: true, 
	depthTest: true,   
	depthWrite: false,   
	polygonOffset: true,  
	polygonOffsetFactor: -4,   


MIT licensed

Copyright (C) 2014 Jaume Sanchez Elias Lee Perry Smith's head model and textures by Infinite Realities