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import os
import sys
from distutils.core import setup, Extension
## Command-line argument parsing
# --with-zlib: use zlib for compressing and decompressing
# --without-zlib: ^ negated
# --with-zlib=<dir>: path to zlib if needed
# --with-libmemcached=<dir>: path to libmemcached package if needed
cmd = None
use_zlib = True
pkgdirs = [] # incdirs and libdirs get these
libs = ["memcached"]
defs = []
incdirs = []
libdirs = []
def append_env(L, e):
v = os.environ.get(e)
if v and os.path.exists(v):
append_env(pkgdirs, "LIBMEMCACHED")
append_env(pkgdirs, "ZLIB")
# Hack up sys.argv, yay
unprocessed = []
for arg in sys.argv[1:]:
if arg == "--with-zlib":
use_zlib = True
elif arg == "--without-zlib":
use_zlib = False
elif arg == "--with-sasl2":
elif arg == "--gen-setup":
cmd = arg[2:]
elif "=" in arg:
if arg.startswith("--with-libmemcached=") or \
pkgdirs.append(arg.split("=", 1)[1])
sys.argv[1:] = unprocessed
for pkgdir in pkgdirs:
incdirs.append(os.path.join(pkgdir, "include"))
libdirs.append(os.path.join(pkgdir, "lib"))
if use_zlib:
defs.append(("USE_ZLIB", None))
## OS X non-PPC workaround
# Apple OS X 10.6 with Xcode 4 have Python compiled with PPC but they removed
# support for compiling with that arch, so we have to override ARCHFLAGS.
if sys.platform == "darwin" and not os.environ.get("ARCHFLAGS"):
compiler_dirn = "/usr/libexec/gcc/darwin"
if os.path.exists(compiler_dirn):
dir_items = os.listdir(compiler_dirn)
if "ppc" not in dir_items:
print >>sys.stderr, "enabling osx-specific ARCHFLAGS/ppc hack"
os.environ["ARCHFLAGS"] = "-arch i386 -arch x86_64"
# There's a bug in <py3 with Py_True/False that will propagate with GCC's
# strict aliasing rules. Let's skip this flag for now.
cflags = ["-fno-strict-aliasing", ]
## Extension definitions
pylibmc_ext = Extension("_pylibmc", ["_pylibmcmodule.c"],
libraries=libs, include_dirs=incdirs,
library_dirs=libdirs, define_macros=defs,
# Hidden secret: if environment variable GEN_SETUP is set, generate Setup file.
if cmd == "gen-setup":
line = " ".join((,
" ".join("-l" + lib for lib in pylibmc_ext.libraries),
" ".join("-I" + incdir for incdir in pylibmc_ext.include_dirs),
" ".join("-L" + libdir for libdir in pylibmc_ext.library_dirs),
" ".join("-D" + name + ("=" + str(value), "")[value is None] for (name, value) in pylibmc_ext.define_macros)))
open("Setup", "w").write(line + "\n")
readme_text = open("README.rst", "U").read()
version = open("pylibmc-version.h", "U").read().strip().split("\"")[1]
setup(name="pylibmc", version=version,
author="Ludvig Ericson", author_email="",
license="3-clause BSD <>",
description="Quick and small memcached client for Python",
ext_modules=[pylibmc_ext], packages=["pylibmc"])
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