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QuanSheng_UV-K5 Firmwares for UV-K5, UV-K5(8), UV-K6 & UV-R5 Plus

QuanSheng UV-K5 Firmwares
QuanSheng UV-R5 Plus Firmwares
QuanSheng UV-K6 Firmwares

UNIVERSAL FIRMWARE ( All Radios - UV-K5, UV-K5(8), UV-K6, UV-5R Plus, etc...)

You have a QuanSheng UV-K6 or UV-R5 Plus and you get this error ???


You are in the right place !!! :)
You can find more help on QuanSheng UV-K5 Telegram Group (English Only)

Podes-me encontrar no Telegram (Portuguese Only) !!!

Explanation of differences between product types

Model Number: UV-K5, UV-K5(2), UV-K5(6), UV-K5(8), UV-K5(9), UV-K5(11), UV-K5(22), UV-K5(66), UV-K5(88), UV-K5(99), UV-5R, UV-5R PLUS, UV-82
To Whom It May Concern:
We, The QUANSHENG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. hereby declare that the models are identical except the model names & cover designs.

#FCC Report