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Hi, I'm Jens Langhammer

I work on authentik, an Identity Provider that strives to make SSO easier. I sometimes also create small projects for to help me deal with Kubernetes and more. Also Gravity, a DNS and DHCP server with full multi-site replication and ad-blocking.

The funds from the sponsorship will be mainly used for the Infrastructure of authentik, and also to prioritise features.

Current sponsors 24

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Past sponsors 75

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Featured work

  1. goauthentik/authentik

    The authentication glue you need.

    Python 7,416
  2. BeryJu/gravity

    Fully-replicated DNS and DHCP Server with ad-blocking powered by etcd

  3. BeryJu/hass-auth-header

    Home Assistant custom component, which allows you to delegate authentication to a reverse proxy.

    Python 206
  4. BeryJu/saml-test-sp

    SAML Service Provider for end-to-end and unittesting

    Go 13
  5. BeryJu/oauth1-test-server

    OAuth 1 Server for end-to-end and unit-testing

    Python 4
  6. BeryJu/oidc-test-client

    OIDC Client for end-to-end and unittesting

    Go 30

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$1 a month


Thank you for helping the authentik development!

$5 a month


Suggest features with high priority, and help form the future of authentik.

$25 a month


Thanks so much for the support! Includes the perks of the previous tiers, and you'll get a Mention with any SFW URL in any of my projects.

$50 a month


Includes the previous perks, feature requests have an even higher priority, and you get 1:1 support (no SLA, usually respond within a couple of days)