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ioc2rpz ( is a custom DNS server which allows you to automatically maintain your DNS security policies.
There are a few projects related to ioc2rpz which I'm working on:

  1. ioc2rpz requires a few core features to be refactored to support large enterprise/ISP at scale:
  • RPZ generation engine (to support policy per source);
  • add a distributed on disk DB (mnesia) in addition to the in-memory DB (ets);
  • add "secondary" mode;
  • Add RPS and expand REST API;
  • TLS 1.3 support;
  • additional source types via scripts.
  1. ioc2rpz.gui update (UX/UI):
  • to support updated features;
  • update packages;
  • add PostgreSQL as a DB storage;
  • configuration "bootstrap" scripts for clients;
  1. piDNS. Build a "lightweight" resolver which will implement privacy features and will be possible to use with conjunction with mobile platforms (Android, iOS) and browsers
  2. - Update the ioc2rpz community website (
  • blacklist feature;
  • custom RPZ feeds;
  • "mobile friendly" UX/UI;
  • add secondary DNS distribution servers in US and APAC;
  • configuration "bootstrap" scripts for clients;

Cover ioc2rpz community costs service costs (servers rental)

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Featured work

  1. Homas/ioc2rpz

    ioc2rpz is a place where threat intelligence meets DNS.

    Erlang 104
  2. Homas/ioc2rpz.gui

    ioc2rpz webgui

    PHP 12
  3. Homas/RpiDNS

    RpiDNS - secure DNS for your home or office

    PHP 7

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Tier: Technology for ioc2rpz community.

I need to spin up additional servers in US, APAC, South America for better user experience.
This tier for resources, not money. If you can provide me a VM or dedicated server - please contact. I just need a few servers all around the world.

I'll post your logo and link to your website on the home page for authenticated and non-authenticated users. A distribution server description will mention that it is supported by you.

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Tier: Thank you!

It is just a recognition for my work on open source projects. I can include into the supporters list on ioc2rpz, ioc2rpz.gui, piDNS, per your request (chose one :).

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Tier: Thank you a lot!

This is "a lot" recognition for my work :) You will be included as a supporter of ioc2rpz or any other project you wish.

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Tier: Beer or coffee buddy

You will be recognized as a beer or a coffee buddy on ioc2rpz, ioc2rpz.gui, piDNS projects. Which gives me resources to literally work sleepless on the projects

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Tier: Let's have a lunch

You will be recognized as "Let's have a lunch" supporter on the all my projects and ioc2rpz community web-site. You can provide your logo and a URL to you website.

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Tier: Pub crawl

You will be recognized as "Pub crawl" supporter on my projects and I will seriously consider your vote on the feature development prioritization.

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Tier: Please focus more on the project!

You will be recognized as "Please focus more on the project!" supporter and you may ask for a feature which will be identified as supported by you. Of course I can not guarantee the delivery (I can not read your mind) but it will be a high priority. There is other possibility - I can help you to deploy ioc2rpz in your environment.