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Hi, if you want to support me and my software, this is the place for it. Check out my featured work below for a few examples, or visit my homepage. I'm mostly working on Vieb and Garlmap currently.

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Featured work

  1. Jelmerro/Vieb

    Vim Inspired Electron Browser - Vim bindings for the web by design

    JavaScript 1,250
  2. Jelmerro/Garlmap

    Garlmap is the Gapless Almighty Rule-based Logical Mpv Audio Player

    JavaScript 10
  3. Jelmerro/vimrc

    Configure Vim with autocompletion, keybindings, editorconfig and linting

    Vim Script 9
  4. Jelmerro/carafe

    carafe is a tiny management tool for wine bottles/carafes

    Python 5
  5. Jelmerro/mp3_linter

    Opinionated & consistent ID3 linter & fixer

    Python 4
  6. Jelmerro/sync_location

    Read, parse and expose syncthing folder locations by name

    Python 3

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