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Sponsorship of my open source packages will enable me to dedicate more time to them on quicker responses to bugs, developing new features and improving documentation.

9 sponsors are funding MarkEdmondson1234’s work.


Featured work

  1. MarkEdmondson1234/googleAuthR

    Google API Client Library for R. Easy authentication and help to build Google API R libraries with OAuth2. Shiny compatible.

  2. MarkEdmondson1234/googleAnalyticsR

    Use the Google Analytics API from R

    HTML 236
  3. ropensci/googleLanguageR

    R client for the Google Translation API, Google Cloud Natural Language API and Google Cloud Speech API

  4. cloudyr/googleCloudStorageR

    Google Cloud Storage API to R

  5. MarkEdmondson1234/gago

    Google Analytics for Go

    Go 22
  6. MarkEdmondson1234/googleCloudRunner

    Easy R scripts on Google Cloud Platform via Cloud Run, Cloud Build and Cloud Scheduler

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Supporter tier to show appreciation if you have benefited from my open source work.

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A second tier of appreciation, as well as prioritised attention to any opened GitHub issues you create.

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Premium tier of support, personal bespoke support for one opened issue per month over Slack or email.

$500 a month


Open Source Benefactor

You will be supporting open-source work so that others may benefit as well as your own use. I will prioritise my open-source time towards your requirements.

Please get in touch with me before subscribing to this tier, as it has only a limited availability.