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My name is Nick Gottschlich! I am software engineer that lives in Austin, Texas.

I am a front-end focused engineer, and mainly work in the land of Javascript, most often in React or Vue. I like to dabble in node.js and Python as well though!

I make software that is focused on providing users a route back towards achieving a level of privacy online that has been stripped from them by privacy invasive corporations. An example of this is my application Social Amnesia which allows users to clean up their social media histories on a daily schedule!


Just reaching a few sponsors would help me muster up the passion to kick some ass and write some code! It means the world to me when people like what I make enough to contribute to my work!

Featured work

  1. Nick-Gottschlich/Social-Amnesia

    Forget the past. Social Amnesia makes sure your social media accounts only show your posts from recent history, not from "that phase" 5 years ago.

    Python 737

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