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Sven Fehler

Stuttgart, Germany

I'm a 20 year old developer from Stuttgart, Germany and I am interested in open source software and the ins and outs of how computers work and how to force them to spit out useful stuff.
With your sponsorship I will be creating free to use APIs, libraries, indie games and other software for my fellow developers and for technology enthusiasts and then move on to consumer-grade software and games.
My end goal as a developer is to improve the lives of people all over the world, even if it's something small. With your sponsorship you will help me achieve that.

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1 sponsor is funding Sv443’s work.


Reaching this goal will completely cover my server and domain costs and will help me focus on my projects instead. $6.50 of this money will be contributed towards Ecologi, which will make my network carbon-neutral. It will mean the world to me if you help me achieve this goal.


Featured work

  1. Sv443/JokeAPI

    REST API that serves uniformly and well formatted jokes in JSON, XML, YAML or plain text format that also offers a great variety of filtering methods

    JavaScript 147
  2. Sv443-Network/SvCoreLib

    Core Library used in the projects of Sv443 and the Sv443 Network, containing tons of miscellaneous quality of life features

    JavaScript 2
  3. Sv443/BetterYTM

    Userscript that improves YouTube Music with features such as lyrics lookup, fine volume control and more

    JavaScript 4
  4. Sv443/geniURL

    Simple JSON and XML REST API to search for song metadata and the lyrics URL on

    JavaScript 1

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