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Aadi Bajpai

Nashville → New York

money is nice I will buy ice cream


would feel very good knowing I am getting +10$ every month for ice cream

Featured work

  1. SwagLyrics/SwagLyrics-For-Spotify

    📃 Get lyrics of currently playing Spotify song so you don't sing along with the wrong ones and embarrass yourself later. Very fast.

    Python 315
  2. SwagLyrics/SwSpotify

    Cross-platform library to get the currently playing song and artist from Spotify w/o using the API or the internet. Very fast.

    Python 85
  3. aadibajpai/university

    proof of concept to detect website visits from a university

    HTML 17
  4. VandyHacks/

    custom domain link shortener using cloudflare workers + kv

    JavaScript 60

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