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Ali Clark

London, United Kingdom

Are you a member of a software team, or product manager?

Engage my services (or ask your PM to hire me) so you can focus on the things that matter.

Select a tier

$ one time

Choose a custom amount.

$5 one time



  • We will both feel warm fuzzies

$150 one time


Review a candidate code solution

  • I will fix inconsequential mistakes in the solution
  • I will share my perspective on the maturity of the solution
  • I will provide helpful, positive feedback for the candidate

$550 one time


Get a software health report

  • I will surface key insights which relate to software health
  • I will provide a plain English overview for these and point towards anecdotal cases
  • I will give insight into future potential for velocity in the short-term, velocity over the long-term, and low operating costs

$3,300 one time


Create a microservice

  • I will deliver the software for a small serverless service
  • I will implement the service using Serverless Framework, AWS, Epsagon, TypeScript and Jest
  • I will transfer ownership of the software repository upon delivery

$5,500 one time


Scaling a system

  • I will develop a plan to help your service scale
  • I will describe the plan in terms of incremental steps
  • I will work to incorporate feedback on the plan
  • I will recommend relative priorities for each step of the plan