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Antenore Gatta

Lausanne, Switzerland

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I'm one of the maintainer of the Remmina remote desktop client, a software used by thousands of people around the world to remotely administer Windows and Unix servers.

We develop Remmina in our free time, aiming to make it the best solution to administer remote systems, this can happen (fast) only with your help.

Be part of our dream, be a Remmina supporter.

Thank you!

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Featured work

  1. FreeRDP/Remmina

    Mirror of The GTK+ Remmina Remote Desktop Client

  2. antenore/vim-safe

    VimSafe - A VIM Password Safe (Vault) like tool

    Vim script 3
  3. antenore/solarcv

    SolarCV is a CV template, written in LaTeX, based on Adrien Friggeri CV, slighty modified to use Ethan Schoonover Solarized color palette.

    TeX 19

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