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By sponsoring me, you're saying that you would like to see more of my work, and that you appreciate what I have contributed so far.

My involvement in the open-source community has a broad scope. One of the earliest projects I involved myself in was mineserver which was an early C++ Minecraft server (though no longer maintained). Recently, I've contributed in the factorio-docker project, and I am currently maintaining a few of my own projects, which are pinned in my profile. In particular, I find great use out of my linux-profile and nginx-conf repositories.

I am always interested in contributing my knowledge and expertise to the community.

Feel free to view my profile and discover what I've been up to lately. It may spark your own interest, and any contribution to my work is appreciated! Your sponsorship to me will go toward sharpening my skills as a developer and systems administrator, and help pay for things like coffee and servers.

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