Classic Battle.Net Realbasic Bot by @carlbennett, his flagship bot
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Github Releases


Battle.Net Realbasic Bot is a Classic™ chat bot written by @carlbennett (Jailout2000) and licensed under the MIT license.

The project began in 2011, went on hiatus in 2012, and in late 2015 it was added to version control on GitHub and received many updates. It's been maintained on GitHub ever since.

Some of its bragging rights include:

  • Handling heavy loads and floods in™ chat channels.
  • Compatible with official Classic™, PvPGN, emNet, init 6, and other custom servers that implement the™ binary chat protocol.
  • Runs on Windows XP up to Windows 10.
  • Multiple profiles and switching via tabbed (actually a list box) interface.
  • A custom user interface with little clutter in the main chat window.

Give it a try!


  1. Go to the latest release.
  2. Download BNCSUtil, BNRBot, CheckRevision, and Hashes. (You can skip some of these if you already use BNRBot.)
  3. Extract BNRBot into its own directory, anywhere on your PC will do.
  4. Extract BNCSUtil and CheckRevision into your C:\Windows directory or into BNRBot's directory.
  5. Extract Hashes into BNRBot's directory under its own Hashes directory.
  6. Open BNRBot and read the information it gives you.


With the use of GitHub, this bot is open-source to the general public. All bot releases are also made using GitHub too. If you find a bug, make sure you open a new issue, and feel free to try to fix it yourself. If not, your issue will be worked on by someone who can address it.

Thanks for contributing!

Real Studio

If you wish to contribute, you will need to run Real Studio 2012r2.1. All code changes are made within the IDE, which is why a lot of the commits and the code in general looks pretty awful; it's actually not too bad when viewing from within the IDE. Real Studio does pre- and post-formatting when reading and writing files, so it's not really easy to beautify the code from a Git/GitHub perspective.