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Nicholas Jamieson

Toowoomba, Australia

I'm an RxJS core team member and I've authored packages for RxJS, Angular, React and TypeScript.

In particular:

I also write frequently - usually about RxJS, TypeScript or React - on my blog.

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Featured work

  1. cartant/rxjs-tslint-rules

    TSLint rules for RxJS

    TypeScript 357
  2. cartant/eslint-plugin-rxjs

    ESLint rules for RxJS

    TypeScript 230
  3. cartant/rxjs-marbles

    An RxJS marble testing library for any test framework

    TypeScript 295
  4. cartant/rxjs-etc

    Observables and operators for RxJS

    TypeScript 197
  5. cartant/rxjs-spy

    A debugging library for RxJS

    TypeScript 666
  6. cartant/ts-action

    TypeScript action creators for Redux

    TypeScript 175

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