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I'm Dominik and I have dedicated a large part of my life to open source. In particular, I love writing code that helps other programmers do their job.

While I focused on writing open source Ruby libraries in my teenage years, I have shifted to Go development many years ago. I am the author of staticcheck – one of the most widely used bug finding tools for Go – and go-mode – the Go mode for Emacs. GopherJS users may know me from the js/dom package, the original GopherJS bindings for the DOM.

In addition to my main projects I have also worked on dozens of smaller libraries and tools, as well as contributed changes to many open source projects that aren't my own, including the Go project itself.

It is my hope to one day make open source be sustainable for me so that I don't have to pick up paid jobs that take time away from my projects. You will have my eternal gratitude if you decide to help me with that goal.

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Reaching this goal will allow me to work on open source full time.


Featured work

  1. golang/go

    The Go programming language

  2. dominikh/go-tools

    Staticcheck - The advanced Go linter

  3. dominikh/go-mode.el

    Emacs mode for the Go programming language

    Emacs Lisp 1,206
  4. dominikh/xcapture

    The command-line window recorder

    Go 81

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You are making a very generous contribution. Unfortunately, a piece of text can't accurately express how much I appreciate it. Please don't hesitate to reach out should you ever have any questions or should you just want to chat about my work (or anything else, too)!

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