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Make Settings more closely align with command-line flags
and environment variables.

- Change command-line flags to begin with -

- Change syntax of build lines to use Key=Value instead of Key<tab>Value.

- Change CGO_ENABLED to 0/1, matching environment variable,
  instead of false/true.

- Add GOOS and GOARCH.
  These are technically redundant, in that they can be extracted
  from the binary in other ways most of the time, but not always:
  GOOS=ios and GOOS=darwin may produce binaries that are
  difficult to tell apart. In any case, it's a lot easier to have them
  directly in the settings list than derive them from other parts
  of the binary.

  These could be inferred from the tags list, but the experiments
  are being removed from the tags list.

- Change the tags list to match the -tags command-line argument.

- Add msan and race, echoing the -msan and -race arguments
  (always 'true' when present, omitted when false).

- Add GO$GOARCH when set.

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