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cherrymui runtime: save/fetch g register during VDSO on ARM and ARM64
On ARM and ARM64, during a VDSO call, the g register may be
temporarily clobbered by the VDSO code. If a signal is received
during the execution of VDSO code, we may not find a valid g
reading the g register. In CL 192937, we conservatively assume
g is nil. But this approach has a problem: we cannot handle
the signal in this case. Further, if the signal is not a
profiling signal, we'll call badsignal, which calls needm, which
wants to get an extra m, but we don't have one in a non-cgo
binary, which cuases the program to hang.

This is even more of a problem with async preemption, where we
will receive more signals than before. I ran into this problem
while working on async preemption support on ARM64.

In this CL, before making a VDSO call, we save the g on the
gsignal stack. When we receive a signal, we will be running on
the gsignal stack, so we can fetch the g from there and move on.

We probably want to do the same for PPC64. Currently we rely on
that the VDSO code doesn't actually clobber the g register, but
this is not guaranteed and we don't have control with.

Idea from discussion with Dan Cross and Austin.

Should fix #34391.

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