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josharian cmd/compile: bulk rename
This change does a bulk rename of several identifiers in the compiler.
See #27167 and
for context and for discussion of these particular renames.

Commands run to generate this change:

gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".OPROC' -to OGO
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".OCOM' -to OBITNOT
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".OMINUS' -to ONEG
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".OIND' -to ODEREF
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".OARRAYBYTESTR' -to OBYTES2STR
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".OARRAYBYTESTRTMP' -to OBYTES2STRTMP
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".OARRAYRUNESTR' -to ORUNES2STR
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".OSTRARRAYBYTE' -to OSTR2BYTES
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".OSTRARRAYBYTETMP' -to OSTR2BYTESTMP
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".OSTRARRAYRUNE' -to OSTR2RUNES

gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".Etop' -to ctxStmt
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".Erv' -to ctxExpr
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".Ecall' -to ctxCallee
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".Efnstruct' -to ctxMultiOK
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".Easgn' -to ctxAssign
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".Ecomplit' -to ctxCompLit

Not altered: parameters and local variables (mostly in typecheck.go) named top,
which should probably now be called ctx (and which should probably have a named type).
Also not altered: Field called Top in gc.Func.

gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".Node.Isddd' -to IsDDD
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".Node.SetIsddd' -to SetIsDDD
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/gc".nodeIsddd' -to nodeIsDDD
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/types".Field.Isddd' -to IsDDD
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/types".Field.SetIsddd' -to SetIsDDD
gorename -from '"cmd/compile/internal/types".fieldIsddd' -to fieldIsDDD

Not altered: function gc.hasddd, params and local variables called isddd
Also not altered: fmt.go prints nodes using "isddd(%v)".

cd cmd/compile/internal/gc; go generate

I then manually found impacted comments using exact string match
and fixed them up by hand. The comment changes were trivial.

Passes toolstash-check.

Fixes #27167. If this experiment is deemed a success,
we will open a new tracking issue for renames to do
at the end of the 1.13 cycles.

Change-Id: I2dc541533d2ab0d06cb3d31d65df205ecfb151e8
Run-TryBot: Josh Bleecher Snyder <>
Reviewed-by: Matthew Dempsky <>
Latest commit 0b9004f Nov 18, 2018

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