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The Go programming language
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bcmills cmd/go: only add a 'go' directive on 'go mod tidy' or when a conversi…
…on occurs

If the go.mod file exists and is empty, we initialize it from any of
various formats supported by legacy dependency-management tools.

We also initialize the 'go' directive at that point: we know that the
go.mod file is incomplete, because it does not reflect the information
in the legacy configuration file, and since we know that the go.mod
file is incomplete, we should complete it with as much information as
we have — including the version of the language currently in use.

However, if there is no legacy configuration file present, then we
cannot infer that the go.mod file is incomplete: it may correctly
specify a module without external dependencies. In that case, we
should not initialize the 'go' directive either: the user will not be
expecting unnecessary edits to the go.mod file, and we generally do
not make unnecessary-but-helpful edits unless 'go mod tidy' is invoked

Fixes #30790
Fixes #31100

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