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fieldType is a struct with only a string and an integer,
so its size will barely be three times that of a pointer.

The indirection doesn't save us any memory or append/grow cost,
but it does cause a significant amount of allocations at init time.

	goos: linux
	goarch: amd64
	pkg: encoding/gob
	cpu: AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U with Radeon Graphics
					│     old     │                new                 │
					│   sec/op    │   sec/op     vs base               │
	EndToEndPipe-16   730.9n ± 5%   741.6n ± 5%       ~ (p=0.529 n=10)
	EncodingGob       173.7µ ± 0%   171.1µ ± 0%  -1.46% (p=0.000 n=10)
	geomean           11.27µ        11.26µ       -0.01%

					│     old      │                  new                   │
					│     B/op     │     B/op      vs base                  │
	EndToEndPipe-16   1.766Ki ± 0%   1.766Ki ± 0%        ~ (p=1.000 n=10) ¹
	EncodingGob       38.27Ki ± 0%   34.30Ki ± 0%  -10.38% (p=0.000 n=10)
	geomean           8.221Ki        7.782Ki        -5.33%
	¹ all samples are equal

					│    old     │                 new                 │
					│ allocs/op  │ allocs/op   vs base                 │
	EndToEndPipe-16   2.000 ± 0%   2.000 ± 0%       ~ (p=1.000 n=10) ¹
	EncodingGob       642.0 ± 0%   615.0 ± 0%  -4.21% (p=0.000 n=10)
	geomean           35.83        35.07       -2.13%
	¹ all samples are equal

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