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mknyszek runtime: avoid write barrier in startpanic_m
startpanic_m could be called correctly in a context where there's a
valid G, a valid M, but no P, for example in a signal handler which
panics. Currently, startpanic_m has write barriers enabled because
write barriers are permitted if a G's M is dying. However, all the
current write barrier implementations assume the current G has a P.

Therefore, in this change we disable write barriers in startpanic_m,
remove the only pointer write which clears g.writebuf, and fix up gwrite
to ignore the writebuf if the current G's M is dying, rather than
relying on it being nil in the dying case.

Fixes #26575.

Change-Id: I9b29e6b9edf00d8e99ffc71770c287142ebae086
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Latest commit 9ed9df6 Dec 18, 2018

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