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Daniel authored and FiloSottile committed dd15017 Jul 3, 2020
crypto/tls: create certs w/o KeyEncipherment KU for non-RSA keys in g…


The crypto/tls/generate_cert.go utility should only set the template
x509.Certificate's KeyUsage field to a value with the
x509.KeyUsageKeyEncipherment bits set when the certificate subject
public key is an RSA public key, not an ECDSA or ED25519 public key.


RFC 5480 describes the usage of ECDSA elliptic curve subject keys with
X.509. Unfortunately while Section 3 "Key Usages Bits" indicates which
key usage bits MAY be used with a certificate that indicates
id-ecPublicKey in the SubjectPublicKeyInfo field it doesn't provide
guidance on which usages should *not* be included (e.g. the
keyEncipherment bit, which is particular to RSA key exchange). The same
problem is present in RFC 8410 Section 5 describing Key Usage Bits for
ED25519 elliptic curve subject keys.

There's an update to RFC 5480 in last call stage within the IETF LAMPS
WG, draft-ietf-lamps-5480-ku-clarifications-00. This update is meant
to clarify the allowed Key Usages extension values for certificates with
ECDSA subject public keys by adding:

> If the keyUsage extension is present in a certificate that indicates
> id-ecPublicKey as algorithm of AlgorithmIdentifier [RFC2986] in
> SubjectPublicKeyInfo, then following values MUST NOT be present:
> keyEncipherment; and
> dataEncipherment.

I don't believe there is an update for RFC 8410 in the works but I
suspect it will be clarified similarly in the future.

This commit updates generate_cert.go to ensure when the certificate
public key is ECDSA or ED25519 the generated certificate has the
x509.Certificate.KeyUsage field set to a value that doesn't include KUs
specific to RSA. For ECDSA keys this will adhere to the updated RFC 5480

Fixes #36499

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