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Firas Dib

Sweden, Lund


My name is Firas Dib and I am an engineer from Sweden. I am the owner and maintainer of the popular regex utility, which I have maintained for the past 10 years, continuously pushing new features and fixing bugs.

I plan to continue doing so, but would appreciate your help in order to pay for the hosting fees and ensuring I can spend enough time to fix the things that need fixing.

Please feel free to visit the bug and feature tracking repository here to voice any of your thoughts or concerns.

I am still learning about the features and possibilities that Github Sponsors opens up for me, and I will continue to improve this page and my communication with those who choose to sponsor me. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please drop me an email directly on

Thank you!


84 sponsors are funding firasdib’s work.


Featured work

  1. firasdib/Regex101

    This repository is currently only used for issue tracking for

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