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Hi, it’s nice to meet you!

I’m HP and I believe in the freedom that is found in the world of open source.

I build and maintain open source libraries, CI tools, components, utilities, and sites for developers like you and me. Most of what I do is JavaScript, but I also work with Swift, Python, and others. My work currently includes contributions to and maintenance of ~25+ npm packages.

I also enjoy sharing information with the community, which is why I build sites like JS-Profiler, that help web developers find the most performant solutions to their day-to-day JavaScript problems.

A good chunk of my time is currently being spent on another side project: I’m co-founding and building the Baba Yaga Cycle Advisor app for people who experience a cycle. It's goal is to help people integrate their lives with their hormones.

Generally speaking, I like doing things from a system architect’s point of view: holistically. The only way to ensure a smooth system is if you take care to rely on smooth components.

If you like my work or use any of my sofware, please consider supporting me! I am serious about open sourcing and knowledge sharing, because of my sense of freedom. It is the reason I quit my full-time office job, moved out to the country side, got a dog, and started this life of open sourcing in the first place.


I would love to greet my very first sponsor.

Featured work

  1. haensl/js-profiler

    JavaScript profiling tool, library and benchmark collection.

    JavaScript 18
  2. haensl/gulp-embed-svg

    Gulp plugin to inline/embed SVG images into html files.

    JavaScript 7
  3. haensl/google-optimize-service

    Highly customizable, dependency-free, universal, service abstraction around Google Optimize.

    JavaScript 7
  4. haensl/rollup-plugin-local-resolve

    Rollup plugin to resolve folder imports without explicitly stating the file.

    JavaScript 4
  5. haensl/gulp-minify-inline-json

    Minifies inline <script> tags containing JSON data, i.e. application/json and application/ld+json.

    JavaScript 4
  6. haensl/minify-inline-json

    Node.js module to minify inlined/embedded JSON data within script tags.


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