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Hello friends,

I left my job back in March 2018 to pursue working in open source, with the intention of being entirely funded by the community!

And thanks to many of you, this is real now! Getting the opportunity to live and think about open source (without needing to do other kinds of freelance/contract work) is truly a dream come true.


I've been working on Babel since 2015 (I'm not the creator, I joined long after it was renamed from 6to5 and already popular). I've moved from hopeful onlooker to stumbling into becoming a (still hopeful) maintainer. Yet I care deeply about open source as a whole; not just asking the hard questions but living them out.

So if you would like to support my future work in open source as well as initiatives like Hope in Source or future writings, consider joining me as a sponsor! (I'd love to hear why you chose to sponsor) 🤗

A note about sponsorship: I don't want anyone to feel guilty for not supporting me. Similarly, I hope to continue work in open source because I want to, not because I have to. So in this vein, I made my "tiers" just about the things I like: more to give you a fun theme to donate about. They aren't providing a service and I don't consider them to be in the category of monetary value! So I can hopefully freely give and the same for anyone else. But please reach out if you want to chat or meetup (even if you don't decide to sponsor)!

I love this perspective on it:

Like any other relationship, if someone loves and cares about your work, you don’t need to bribe them to stick around. Mentors and advisors (good ones, anyway) don’t invest in people because they want to get paid. Friends (good ones, anyway) don’t hang out with you because they need something in return. They’re there because they weirdly fell in love with what you’re doing, and they want to see you succeed. - Nadia


91 sponsors are funding hzoo’s work.


Don't really want to advertise sponsoring but would appreciate the support! Also helps for podcast hosting/editing/transcripts


Featured work

  1. babel/babel

    🐠 Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

    JavaScript 39,669
  2. hzoo/contributors-on-github

    🌵 Show stats about contributors on github

    JavaScript 417
  3. hzoo/awesome-gametalks

    💬 A curated list of gaming talks (development, design, etc)

  4. hzoo/

    🙏 Hope In Source podcast site (+ transcripts)

    JavaScript 44
  5. hzoo/localized-keywords

    Experimenting with allowing configuration of JavaScript's keywords to different languages (or anything else)

    JavaScript 8

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$5 a month


Bubble Tea Support ❤️

Thanks for your support! Feel free to reach out if you want to chat open source!

$7 a month


7 Wonders Friend 🎲 – If you are a board game geek like me!

A suggestion to let me know about playing some board games together (e.g. Dominion, Codenames, Kingdomino)!

$11 a month


Pong Partner 🏓 – If table tennis is your jam!

Let me know if your office has a table, or if you are visiting the city! Sometimes I'm at Bryant Park

$25 a month


"Platenum" Sponsor 🍛 – KBBQ is basically my favorite meal.

Let me know if you want to get some together (for NYC probably Let's Meat)!

$50 a month


50cc Racer 🚗🍄 – Let me know about joining me for Mario Kart on Switch or some video games!