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I publish the largest open source library for Altium Designer, the leading PCB design software. I also have dozens of open source electronics projects and useful software libraries for automating electronic design. My open source projects generally have a full writeup on the official Altium blog as I'm one of Altium's "Industry Experts", creating educational and useful articles related to electronics engineering for a wide range of audiences.

I live in the very north of Scotland, where I work from home while also restoring a historic watermill.

Primarily my work is related to my Altium library, and software to support its operation. The library is used by over 10,000 engineers from students to professionals at the world largest corporations and research organisations. I'm working to automate and standarise much of the library management, and publishing what tools I can to save other engineers time.

Currently, the library is fully self funded by myself. The server runs on over $25,000 in software licenses, as unfortunately open source database software hasn't been able to cope with the requirements. The monthly operating costs are over $1000/month without considering any of my time invested in creating new footprints/symbols or management. I would love to get to the point where the community is at least covering the operating expenses of the library.

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Featured work

  1. issus/altium-library

    Open source Altium Database Library with over 200,000 high quality components and full 3d models.

  2. issus/AltiumSharp

    C# .NET Standard library to read Altium library files and render them

    C# 61
  3. issus/CelestialPinArranger

    ECAD Symbol Formatter/Pin Arranger with multiple input sources

    C# 16

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