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👋, fellow developer!

I'm Josh! I aspire to learn useful things, and teach as much of that as I can to others, hopefully in a way that reinforces my own learning, and is respectful towards other's time and efforts.

A lot of what I do centers on increasing the "capacity" of individuals and small groups. Usually as I learn something, I'll write it out in a way that will allow others to do what I just did, or more likely, will allow a future version of me to very quickly accomplish a similar task to what I just did, in 1/20th of the time for 3x in impact.

In some cases, I teach/train other developers in small groups or in synchronous, real-time ways, like pairing via screenshare:

The time that I’ve spent working one-on-one with Josh has been, without a doubt, the most valuable time I’ve spent individually with anyone at on my journey to becoming a skilled software developer.

Josh combines his unrivaled work ethic and technical aptitude with deep, genuine empathy and self-awareness that is unique and has made him an indispensable ally.

- Jessye Ejdelman, Associate Software Engineer, Corvus Insurance

In other cases, I do real-life consulting and software development. Here's what one customer said:

For the simplicity of our releases it was critical that we did not introduce a bottleneck with a slow CI because for us to be efficient and grow our business at scale we need to be really quick and iterative about product development.

If a customer requires a fix it is our responsibility that a slow CI doesn't mean releasing this feature now has to wait till tomorrow.

In two weeks Josh improved our test suite by 80% and it only required a single sprint, not a three or four month cycle. With a faster CI in place, releasing features and hot fixes is much quicker.

- Taylor Cooney, CEO/Founder, OpenUnit


More sponsors == more people I'm presumably impacting in a positive way, so I'll always aim for more.

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Featured work

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  2. josh-works/ruby_web_scraping

    A humble side project about Hacker News, Sinatra, and webscraping.

    HTML 2
  3. josh-works/til

    til: Today I Learned. A collection of notes. Semi-self-explanatory, but likely mostly confusing if you are not me, which you're not.

    Ruby 1

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Individual Solidarity Tier 1, Aka 👍/👋

$1 is something akin to a thumbs up, or a message that says "I see you!"

Honestly, the hassle of you figuring out how to add a credit card to Github is more costly than the $1 per month you're supporting me with.

I'd like your support, simply because of how encouraging it is to me. And I know I've given you at least $12/yr in value. Possibly orders of magnitude more.

If you're reading this, I hope you'll contribute $1.

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Individual Solidarity Tier 2

The cost of lunch for two at El Callejon, which is what you'd spend if you treated me to a lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Golden.

If you're working in-industry, earning at least $80k/yr, I'd let you treat me to El Callejon. If you're not earning that, I wouldn't let you treat me. (But I'd love your $14 support!)

So, if you're an individual and you're NOT spending this money on a company credit card, or getting it reimbursed by your employer, AND you're earning above $80k/yr, I'd love your support.

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Company Solidarity Tier 2

You know what you spend on profit center activities, and cost center activities. Do you see how I might slot into the profit center side of things? I guarantee I'll 10x this investment across a 2-6 mo time horizon, regardless of your situation.

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Company Partner Tier 1

$1000/month is about 1/20th the monthly cost of a fully-loaded engineer. ($240,000/year).

If you're in leadership, you understand the ludicrous potential value that these resources can deliver to your team.

At $1k/mo (or maybe $1k/mo/employee), you, me, and/or your team will have at least one phone/Zoom/lunch conversation. Here's some modalities by which I will be helpful:

It's $150 to discuss more:

$5,000 a month


Same as the prior tier - I'll build on non-time-sensitive features for you, while writing extremely detailed guides for others to learn to do the same. I get to stretch my own skills, write detailed guides to other engineers, and deliver substantial value to you, your company, and your customers.

This is an easy working arrangement to start, and easy to stop. I ask that you plan on this lasting for at least 3 months, and I plan on it being some of the best money you spend every month.