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Hi. I'm Justin. I ❤️ the open web and try each day to make the world a better place. ☕ powered, 👩👧👧👧 driven.

My Ongoing Efforts and Contributions

I work on a wide variety of open source projects, primarily focused on the web platform, web specifications, and web performance. I've contributed to projects as varied as Lighthouse and Chromium to tooling for Visual Studio Code, and maintain a healthy set of repositories including:

When not working on open source, you can find me writing on various development topics on my blog, and discussing the web platform on The Web Platform Podcast.

Why Sponsor This Old Person

Look, if you don't want to sponsor me, it's all good. I'm not going to stop doing open source work, I'm not going to stop being part of the larger community, I will continue to answer emails and tickets, make pull requests and cut releases. Sponsoring me is more about letting me know that, hey, it's not all hate mail in this wide open internet. Your sponsorship of a monthly cappuccino buys me 25 minutes of tranquility and let's me know there is a little decency in the world.

Github will match you!

To supercharge community funding, GitHub created the GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund, which matches up to $5000 USD total per sponsored developer in their first year, or 12 months, of sponsorship. That means your contribution today is doubled at no cost to you until November 2021! Huzzah for community!

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$5 a month


☕ Cappuccino Sponsor.

Your monthly contribution will buy me a a joyous cup of cappuccino, bringing me 25 minutes of tranquility and allow my mind to wander into a grand state of creativity.

$10 a month


🥗 Lunch Sponsor.

Your monthly contribution will buy me a stunning lunch salad, bringing me 45 minutes of healthy living and allow my body not to crash in the afternoon from the depths of high fructose corn syrup.

$50 a month


👫 Date Night Sponsor.

Once a month, you say "Justin, you and Monica go out and get away from your desk for once!", because you care more about my welfare than my LOC output.

$250 a month


👨‍👩‍👧 Family Saturday Sponsor.

Once a month, you make it okay for me to slip away on a Saturday and I take my wife and three daughter on an outdoor adventure. You reach a new form of enlightenment.

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