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Lausanne, Switzerland

Kiwix brings internet content to people without internet access. Poor infrastructures, high data costs, or even censorship: we help millions around the world to get free and local access to Wikipedia, TED talks, the Gutenberg library and hundred more educational websites!

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$5 a month


Yes! You are using Kiwix and actually enjoying it. Thanks!

$10 a month


W00t! Basic support but it already does make a difference. This is enough that not all of your donation is eaten up by bank fees: we'll mail you official Kiwix stickers and webcam covers.

$25 a month


You are awesome. We mean it: you basically signed up to cover for one of our servers! We will be very officially thanking you in the repository of your choice.

$50 a month


You probably run a small NGO (or know someone who does), make do with whatever you can, but you know that Kiwix helps your mission big time. You want to help in return, and we truly appreciate that. You will be named in one of our repo and we will prioritize one of your content requests if there is something you would like to see available on Kiwix.

$100 a month


We are awesome and you want us to know about it. You are in fact using Kiwix for a larger project (a school, a camp, a research station) with many users, and you realize that nothing comes for free in this world. This fits your budget. We will add you and your projects to our Success map with any pics, stories or backlink you would like us to publish.

$500 a month


You are a real supporter: you know the mission, and you want to help us organize our next hackathon, buy equipment and generally move ahead with things. We'll have a sticker with your org on our website, a repo with your name in it, and a direct contact to the core team for your questions / tech issues / need to connect to others.

$2000 a month


There is that website you really like -and need- and we'll make it available offline for you (and maintain/update its copy) for you.

$4997 a month


That's half a developer position that exists only because you are there for us. We'll make sure we tell that person when we hire them, and chances are that they will anyway work on a specific project that we discussed and that you really want to come through.

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