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Leonardo Losoviz

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I'm an the creator and maintainer of the GraphQL API for WordPress, a plugin to transform WordPress into a modern GraphQL server.

The software I produce is free, but my time is not. Through sponsorship I can keep developing the WordPress plugin in the long term.

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Fund my work, and I'll deliver the most powerful experience for creating APIs in WordPress. That's my promise.

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Featured work

  1. leoloso/PoP

    Monorepo of the PoP project, including: a server-side component model in PHP, a GraphQL server, a GraphQL API plugin for WordPress, and a website builder

    PHP 319
  2. GraphQLAPI/graphql-api-for-wp

    [READ ONLY] GraphQL API for WordPress

    PHP 152
  3. GraphQLByPoP/graphql-server

    [READ ONLY] CMS-agnostic GraphQL server in PHP

    PHP 12

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