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I’m scratching my own itch with a wide range of libraries I maintain in the @ergebnis organization.

I also collaborate on

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Featured work

  1. ergebnis/composer-normalize

    🎵 Provides a composer plugin for normalizing composer.json.

    PHP 819
  2. ergebnis/phpstan-rules

    👓 Provides additional rules for phpstan/phpstan.

    PHP 260
  3. ergebnis/php-package-template

    :octocat: + 📒 Provides a GitHub repository template for a PHP package, using GitHub Actions.

    PHP 268
  4. ergebnis/http-method

    🍇 Provides constants for HTTP request methods.

    PHP 80
  5. ergebnis/composer-normalize-action

    :octocat: + 🎵 Provides a GitHub action for running ergebnis/composer-normalize.

    Makefile 25
  6. ergebnis/php-cs-fixer-config

    📓 Provides a configuration factory and multiple rule sets for friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer.

    PHP 31

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