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I’m Luke, a software engineer working out of Derbyshire, UK. I work with web technologies, particularly Php and Laravel. I create libraries that make it easier to write code.

I love testing, and work hard on Pest PHP and other open source libraries!

With your support, I can replace some of my secular work with creating open source software and maintaining the high level of quality and support I always try to put into my packages.

Thanks so much everybody!


If I can earn $2000/month through open source, I can dedicate a great portion of my time to the libraries I create and give them far more polish. I thank everybody who supports me and my projects.

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Featured work

  1. lukeraymonddowning/whenipress

    A tiny, powerful and declarative wrapper around keyboard bindings in JavaScript

    JavaScript 479
  2. lukeraymonddowning/alpinimations

    Streamline your animations by using these simple blade directives in your components!

    Blade 102
  3. laravel/framework

    The Laravel Framework.

  4. pestphp/pest

    Pest is an elegant PHP testing Framework with a focus on simplicity, meticulously designed to bring back the joy of testing in PHP.

  5. lukeraymonddowning/honey

    A spam prevention package for Laravel, providing honeypot techniques, ip blocking and beautifully simple Recaptcha integration. Stop spam. Use Honey.

    PHP 388
  6. Ricorocks-Digital-Agency/Soap

    A Laravel SOAP client that provides a clean interface for handling requests and responses.

    PHP 394

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Thanks for supporting my work! Your donation will help me to be able to carry on doing what I love. For the price of a cup of coffee, this is the easiest way to show appreciation for my packages and help me continue to improve them.

$9 a month


Wow! Thank you so much. Your contribution will help me put more time into open source, bringing new packages and improving upon my existing contributions. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and let's talk code!