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I'm an Open Source developer, today primarily maintaining libraries in the Rust ecosystem. I created the indicatif progress bar library, the insta snapshot testing library, the similar diffing library, the console terminal library, the MiniJinja template engine, the Rye experimental package manager for Python, the redis rust library and many more.

You might also enjoy reading my posts about Open Source, Rust, Python and more as well as the many presentations and talks I gave and continue giving.

What else?

Over the years I wrote a lot of Python code including the Flask framework, Jinja template engine and much more. Today Flask is one of the most popular Python frameworks, commonly used in teaching and data science and it has probably helped many startups make its first steps. The Jinja template engine has transitioned from a basic templating language for web sites to being one of the most used domain specific language for server configuration being used by Ansible and Salt for server configuration.

My Click command line library powers many command line tools and is consistently within the top 20 libraries downloaded from PyPI.

In the PHP world I gave life to the Twig template engine modelled after Jinja.

If you like the things I have created or am maintaining, GitHub sponsors is a way to show appreciation. You or your company might benefit of projects I started or maintain. I'm using this sponsorship program as a way to stay incentivised to contribute to Open Source and dedicate some of my time to Open Source. This is also a way to give users of my creations a way to say thank you for the things I have created if they were useful for them. As such there are no direct rewards associated with the tier as my time is limited and I am doing this on the side.

  • If you want to allow me to dedicate time to maintaining Open Source libraries consider a monthly tier
  • If you just want to say thank you for something I have created, you can make a one-time contribution with your preferred amount

I would like to create a stable source of revenue to motivate me to spend time on specific feature requests and bug fixes.

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Featured work

  1. mitsuhiko/insta

    A snapshot testing library for rust

    Rust 2,083
  2. mitsuhiko/similar

    A high level diffing library for rust based on diffs

    Rust 920
  3. mitsuhiko/minijinja

    MiniJinja is a powerful but minimal dependency template engine for Rust compatible with Jinja/Jinja2

    Rust 1,422
  4. console-rs/console

    A rust console and terminal abstraction

    Rust 911
  5. pallets/flask

    The Python micro framework for building web applications.

    Python 67,139

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