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I want to help and inspire developers to create better software. I do this through writing, and creating tools and libraries to help developers.

Your sponsorship helps enable me to focus on these areas and not be distracted with having to find a "proper job".

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Say thanks for my work by buying me a coffee.
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Say thanks for my work by buying me a snack.
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Help me have a balanced life by allowing me to spend some time away from my computer and with my family.
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For one day a month I'm yours and will devote my efforts to the project of your choice.

This option can also serve as an on-call support service. With up to three months roll-over, you can have me ready when you need me.

Get in touch to discuss this further if you have questions.

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For one week each month I'll focus my entire efforts to the project of your choosing.

Please get in touch to discuss this option further.

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