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Hi there 👋, I am Nishant

  • 👨🏻‍💻  I’m primarily an Android Engineer.
  • 👨🏻‍🔬  I like experimenting with tech. This has led me into many interesting domains such as writing firmware code for custom wearable hardware and building mobile sdks for enabling DSP on Android.
  • 🤗  I love contributing to the open source ecosystem and the community by giving talks, writing blog posts, co-authoring/reviewing books, building Android libraries, etc.
  • 💬  I dabble in Android, Kotlin, Java, Rust, UI/UX and spend most of my time automating my life via literally living inside the terminal 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • 📝  I often blog about random tips/tricks and (mostly) Android [at] Crushing C.O.D.E
  • ⚡️  Fun fact about me: I love playing 🕹  retro games and survive on ☕️  instead of energy drinks 🙇🏻‍♂️  Possibly this is why I also talk a lot 🤔
  • 📫  Reach me [at]

What I've Done

Built and now maintain open source software:

Contribute to community:

What I'm Working On

I maintain the Android Libraries I built, providing support and developing it with time for the wide userbase.
I am also maintaining App Privacy Policy Generator which is used all over the world.

I participate in communities, providing mentorship and advice in relevant areas of expertise.

What Sponsorship Does

Aside from what the tiers get you, sponsoring me enables me to keep finding ways to contribute to communities, both in code/tools, and in community work, and it helps me justify spending time on this outside of the scope of my day job!

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Featured work

  1. nisrulz/app-privacy-policy-generator

    A simple web app to generate a generic privacy policy for your Android/iOS apps

    Sass 2,581
  2. nisrulz/flutter-examples

    [Examples] Simple basic isolated apps, for budding flutter devs.

    Dart 6,046
  3. nisrulz/android-tips-tricks

    ☑️ [Cheatsheet] Tips and tricks for Android Development

    Java 4,594
  4. nisrulz/android-examples

    :shipit: [Examples] Simple basic isolated apps, for budding android devs.

    Java 1,642
  5. nisrulz/easydeviceinfo

    📱 [Android Library] Get device information in a super easy way.

    Java 1,708
  6. nisrulz/sensey

    [Android Library] Play with sensor events & detect gestures in a breeze.

    Java 2,636

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