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Hi, I'm Stefan!

I maintain and enhance the Cython compiler for Python, the lxml XML toolkit, some features in CPython (including performance topics, C-API evolution, and the XML support in the standard library), and generally help to make Python a great language for all your processing needs. :)

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Repositories that I maintain, which will benefit from your donations:

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This would allow me to renovate the house that I live in and turn it into an energy and CO₂ efficient home.


Featured work

  1. cython/cython

    The most widely used Python to C compiler

    Python 7,113
  2. lxml/lxml

    The lxml XML toolkit for Python

    Python 2,106
  3. python/cpython

    The Python programming language

    Python 45,834
  4. scoder/lupa

    Lua in Python

    Python 810
  5. scoder/quicktions

    Fast fractions reimplementation in Cython

    Python 27
  6. scoder/fastrlock

    A fast RLock implementation for CPython

    Python 18

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