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Andreas Gohr

Berlin, Germany

I have nearly 150 public repositories here at github. All of them are Free and and Open Source Software with DokuWiki being the most popular by far.

During the many years of creating, releasing and maintaining my Open Source software I

  • implemented new features
  • merged and commented on pull requests
  • fixed bugs
  • answered questions on forums, mailing list and other sites
  • maintained active social media channels
  • wrote newsletters
  • conceptualized and implemented additional supporting infrastructure
  • managed the servers
  • and much more

Many many people helped me with that. By code contributions but also by donating.

Your donations help me threefold:

  • they allow me to stay at a 4-day per week day job (leaving more time for OpenSource)
  • they cover expenses for a server, domain names, etc.
  • they improve my remaining spare time by financing things like vacations, beer and video games ;-)

Whether you donate or not - my Open Source software stays 100% free.

When you become a sponsor you're making my life a bit better because you think my software made your life a bit better.

❤️ Thank you

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