Pure-PHP implementation to read and write TAR and ZIP archives
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splitbrain supress chmod and touch warnings
On some file systems these commands will fail. It's unclear what systems
those are, I can reproduce it for touch() on my android phone (but not
on my tablet).

Instead of littering the output with potentially thousands of warnings
we supress them here. Ideally we should probably do something with them,
but I don't know what.

Maybe a strict setting that turns them into exceptions, would work? PRs
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PHPArchive - Pure PHP ZIP and TAR handling

This library allows to handle new ZIP and TAR archives without the need for any special PHP extensions (gz and bzip are needed for compression). It can create new files or extract existing ones.

To keep things simple, the modification (adding or removing files) of existing archives is not supported.

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Use composer:

php composer.phar require splitbrain/php-archive


The usage for the Zip and Tar classes are basically the same. Here are some examples for working with TARs to get you started.

Check the API docs for more info.

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';
use splitbrain\PHPArchive\Tar;

// To list the contents of an existing TAR archive, open() it and use
// contents() on it:
$tar = new Tar();
$toc = $tar->contents();
print_r($toc); // array of FileInfo objects

// To extract the contents of an existing TAR archive, open() it and use
// extract() on it:
$tar = new Tar();

// To create a new TAR archive directly on the filesystem (low memory
// requirements), create() it:
$tar = new Tar();

// To create a TAR archive directly in memory, create() it, add*()
// files and then either save() or getArchive() it:
$tar = new Tar();
$tar->setCompression(9, Archive::COMPRESS_BZIP);
$tar->save('myfile.tbz'); // compresses and saves it
echo $tar->getArchive(); // compresses and returns it

Differences between Tar and Zip: Tars are compressed as a whole, while Zips compress each file individually. Therefore you can call setCompression before each addFile() and addData() function call.

The FileInfo class can be used to specify additional info like ownership or permissions when adding a file to an archive.