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Viktor Elofsson

Stockholm, Sweden

I'm @vktr, which is hacker-short for Viktor - I'm Swedish by birth but a global citizen by choice. I sometimes use the identity Unidentified Developer (@unidentifieddeveloper) which is the company I've funded to use as an umbrella for most of the open source work I do.

I've been building excellent apps and tools targeted at the hacker crowd for many years, and my approach is usually one of fulfilling specific needs with specialized tools.

By sponsoring me you show monetary support for the projects I work on. These may or may not include the ones in my non-comprehensive list below. The money I receive through the Sponsors program will help to offset the costs I have - such as hosting, domains, sponsoring others, etc.

The projects

  • PicoTorrent - the biggest of the few. Most of my time is spent improving and fixing things in PicoTorrent. It is a tiny, clean and easy-to-use BitTorrent client for Windows.
  • Porla - it's like LEGO, but a BitTorrent client. Some assembly required. However, when assembled, is the most powerful BitTorrent server you can run.
  • Blaze - dump your Elasticsearch data really, really fast. Written in frustration over the performance issues I had with existing tools. Use it, love it, I'll maintain it!

I'm constantly trying to grow and improve the open source projects I use and maintain. This is where I hope the Sponsors program will help offset some of the cost associated with these projects and more!

The live stream

More than coding, I'm also live streaming from time to time. I want to make it a regular thing. More information is available at Unidentified Developer on YouTube.

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Featured work

  1. picotorrent/picotorrent

    A tiny, hackable BitTorrent client.

  2. porla/porla

    A programmable BitTorrent client for servers and seedboxes.

    JavaScript 57
  3. unidentifieddeveloper/blaze

    A blazing fast exporter for your Elasticsearch data.

    C++ 59

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