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A Spotify App that contains working examples of the use of Spotify Apps API
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Closure of Spotify Apps Submissions
Spotify closed the submission process for new apps on the 24th of March 2014. You can still develop apps using this tutorial, but your app will not be released through the App Finder and will thus not be accessible to other users. Please read the announcement on our Developer News site for more information.

Spotify Apps API Tutorial

This is a Spotify App that shows useful code snippets that can help you build Spotify Apps. It uses the most recent version of the Spotify Apps API.


  1. Sign up for a developer account on Spotify by logging in and agreeing to the terms of use.
  2. Create the Spotify folder if it doesn't exist already: ~/Spotify (Mac OS X and Linux) or My Documents\Spotify (Windows).
  3. Open the Spotify folder.
  4. Run git clone git:// api-tutorial.
  5. Download the desktop client of Spotify.
  6. Open the desktop client and type spotify:app:api-tutorial in the Search box.
  7. If the app doesn't load, restart Spotify completely and type again spotify:app:api-tutorial in the Search box.

Topics covered

Getting started

  • Creating your manifest file
  • Handling arguments, creating pages and navigational tabs
  • Dragging and dropping content into an app


  • Show "Share" popup

Playing music

  • Play a single track
  • Play a list of tracks
  • Get the currently playing track
  • Create a play/pause button with an HTML element
  • Skip to the next or previous track


  • Get metadata from an artist, album, track, or playlist
  • Returning metadata with a given search query

Interacting with user data

  • Get a user's top tracks
  • Star and unstar a track


  • Authenticate a user with Facebook

More information

Your feedback is welcome! Feel free to create issues and send pull requests.

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