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A suite of scala libraries for building and consuming RESTful web services on top of Akka: lightweight, asynchronous, non-blocking, actor-based, testable
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docs Merge branch 'master' of
examples = routing: better failure msg when binding in SimpleRoutingApp.startS…
notes Rename domain name from to, rename packages from 'c…
project = site: fix broken directive links in documentation, closes #984
site/src Merge pull request #985 from spray/w/984-fix-directives-map
spray-caching/src + caching: add access to cache keys in LRU order
spray-can-tests/src/test/scala/spray/can = can: preserve order of headers during parse + minor cleanups, closes
spray-can/src/main = can: preserve order of headers during parse + minor cleanups, closes
spray-client/src = client: ignore a configured proxy in tests
spray-http/src Merge pull request #854 from RichardBradley/httpdata-clear-bug
spray-httpx/src = httpx: make multipart unmarshaller strip Content-Type header, fixes #…
spray-io-tests/src/test = io: fix BackPressureHandling losing acks in particular situations, …
spray-io/src/main = io: attempted fix for #1010
spray-routing-tests/src/test Merge pull request #876 from gregbeech/optionalAuthenticate
spray-routing/src/main Merge pull request #876 from gregbeech/optionalAuthenticate
spray-servlet/src Merge pull request #787 from TulioDomingos/patch-1
spray-testkit/src = project: upgrade dependencies
spray-util/src = http: fix bug in URI encoding previous patch, improve tests
.gitignore Improve .gitignore, in particular exclude Eclipse project files (closes
.jvmopts = build: use travis docker-based environment
.travis.yml = build: upgrade .travis.yml to Scala 2.10.4
CHANGELOG = project: update CHANGELOG for 1.x.2 release = build: add to show in github pull requests
LICENSE = all: homogenize and update copyright headers, closes #497
README.markdown = project: add Gitter badge to README


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